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Thank you to all of the counselors who have given their time to make sure students are rewarded for preparing for success in high school. The program has been in existence for 26 years. It started as Appalachian Intermountain Scholars in 1994. In 2003 the name was changed and it is still motivating students to prepare early. Following is the rational we use for the Tennessee Scholars mission.

The Scholars Initiative is driving course completion for all students. Students in the top quarter of the class are already motivated to excel in college and careers; they are already taking a Scholars course of study or will do so with little prompting. It is the middle 50 percent of the class — students who do not yet identify with the goal of higher education or highly technical or skilled careers, kids who lack direction and take the path of least resistance, but who possess average or better capabilities — who are most likely to respond to guidance and incentives. By motivating them to stretch their academic muscles during high school, the Scholars Initiative ensures that they will have the skills and knowledge they need to be successful after graduation. This is where the Scholars program places its heaviest emphasis.

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Thank you for being a Tennessee Scholars school. Following are ways to advertise this to your students. This can only be done if you give the students the opportunity to choose this honor. Please give this opportunity to all of your students.

  1. All Students must complete the Tennessee Scholars Check List and return to the counselor or person at your school in charge of verifying the information. Do not send those checklist to Ruth Woodall. You must keep those at your school for verification for postsecondary or the workforce.
  2. Students must complete online survey. This survey will be on line in January.
  3. Send number of Tennessee Scholars graduates to Ruth by May 1 of each year.
  4. Please use the order form to order the number of medallions and seals you need on or before April 20th.
  5. Please make arrangements for funding before ordering
  6. Place Tennessee Scholars information on your school web site.

9-11 grades: 

  1. Distribute information to students 9-12. Give Checklist and explain this must be completed by senior year.

How to implement this program?

  1. Make sure that all students know that this honor is available.
  2. Ask your webmaster to add the Tennessee Scholars logo to your website with a link to this website.
  3. When students ask about the program send them to the Student Information section on the website.
  4. Put the Tennessee Scholars path in your course of study.
  5. If you have other counselors that are new and want me to add them to my data base, have them email me their contact information.
  6. In the early spring have seniors return the Tennessee Scholars Checklist for verification.
  7. Email me your numbers of scholars.
  8. Order medallions and seals using the online order form.
  9. Seniors complete the online survey in January-May.
  10. Check website often for updates.

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